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Corporate Health Incentives

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Instead of trying to treat health issues, help prevent them at the source.

Maintaining physical health is essential for success in the corporate world. Healthy employees are more productive, focused and have better overall job performance. Additionally, promoting physical health can foster a positive work culture, improve employee morale and retention, and reduce healthcare costs for employers. By investing in employee wellness programs, companies can improve their bottom line while creating a happier, healthier workforce.

What We Provide

With Stairway Fitness, our platform will be able to assist you in managing healthy and motivated employees. 


Exercise Guidance

Our platform helps your team stay active and fulfill their health and fitness goals by supporting their workouts and meeting their specific needs.

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Nutritional Guidance

Our platform will assist your staff in planning and maintaining a balanced diet that meets both the client's goals and preferences. 

Young Volunteers


Our platform provides a social aspect to staying healthy. From group challenges as a team, to friendly competitions, our service will foster a positive, health-striving culture.



Healthy Employees

Physical health is directly linked to overall health. Improving this means more energy, less sick days, and overall healthier employees.


Positive Work Culture

Exercise is known to increase mood, reduce stress and lower the risk of depression. Also, looking after your employees shows you care about them more than just the work they do. Happy and healthy employees is the root of any successful organization.


Employee Retention

The hiring process can by timely and costly, having happy and healthy employees means they can work for longer, and will appreciate the investment you put into them that many other companies neglect.


Job Performance

Exercise is linked with increases in energy and focus, both are important for daily work. Investing in the their health is investing in their performance.


Hiring and Recruitment Strategy

A lot of organization offer health insurance, but proactive incentives like having your own app and trainer is a unique selling point to any prospective employee. This can supplement hiring strategies to find the best employees for your organization.


Cost Savings

Wellness incentives help reduce costs for employers by encouraging healthier employee behaviors, leading to lower healthcare expenses and fewer sick days. This results in significant reductions in medical claims and insurance premiums, along with potential tax savings from wellness program incentives.

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